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All about short term forklift hire

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Maybe the equipment at your warehouse or site has been forced out of action, or maybe you are receiving more commercial demand and require additional resources to keep operations running smoothly. Forklifts are an absolute essential for moving heavy loads at construction sites, warehouses, storage facilities and more. Whatever your reasoning, many turn to investing in a new forklift without considering the benefits offered by short term forklift hire.

What is short term forklift hire?

Short term forklift hire is a service that allows you to hire a forklift to suit your requirements, and continue to hire it on a short term basis for as long as you need. Unlike the more traditional long term leasing of warehouse equipment, short term hire is more casual.

All short term forklifts that are available for hire are maintained by a team of dedicated technicians, ensuring you receive the highest quality forklift that will perform effectively for the functions you require. The forklifts will also often have a Thorough Examination Certificate, providing you with the added peace of mind that you can rely on the forklift you hire.

There is a wide range of forklift trucks to choose from, enabling you to find one that suits the exact nature of your job. The trucks available also range in capacities, varying from 1 tonne to 12 tonnes.

What types of forklift are available for hire?

Industrial reach forklift trucks:

This type of forklift truck is often used in warehouse settings due to the extended lift height. This is ideal for situations where there is storage pallet racking up to an exceptionally tall height. There are also different types of reach forklift designed to suit different situations. One of the most common types is a stand-up forklift truck, where the forks slide beneath pallets at point A before transporting them to point B – best for cases where there is only a single load per bay. There are also double-deep forklift trucks that are made with longer forks, ideal for situations where you need to move multiple pallet loads from one bay. You can also find reach forklift trucks with telescopic lift, extending up to 10 metres.

Industrial counterbalance forklifts:

This type of forklift is most suitable for use inside a warehouse or in large stores - they can be used outside, but only on very even and stable surfaces. This type of truck has two forks on the front that can be easily used for the straightforward operation of lifting and moving loads. For added manoeuvrability, there can also be three-wheel models available, ideal for precise navigation and operation in narrow aisles.

Rough terrain forklifts:

For workplaces that have more uneven outdoor terrain, such as an outdoor construction site, rough terrain forklifts have been designed to make lifting and transporting as simple as possible. The wheels on these forklifts are designed for moving across uneven ground, maintaining stability and being able to reach high speeds, boasting tyres with thick treads. This type of forklift is best for situations where you have to transport a heavy load across uneven, outdoor terrain. Many of these forklifts also come with a calibrated counterbalance that will allow you to continue to operate through snow, ice or mud.

Industrial side loader forklifts:

These forklifts are most popular for use in narrow aisles, allowing the user to pick up especially wide or long loads as the forks are located on the side of the truck. There are different types of side loader forklift designed to suit different applications. Enclosed cab models are often used outdoors, while the stand-up version is more commonly used indoors. You can also get side loader forklifts with wheels that can rotate 90°, for optimum manoeuvring.

Telescopic handler forklifts:

Telescopic handler forklifts are commonly used in agriculture or industries that include high lifting. These forklifts can often seem more like a small crane than a forklift truck. You can often get a variety of attachments for this forklift, making it adaptable to lifting a range of items, from pallets to tables and muck.

Pedestrian operated pallet trucks:

This type of pallet truck is ideal for the easy transportation of pallets in a warehouse setting. The forks work by sliding beneath a pallet, a hydraulic jack is then used to carefully lift the load from the ground so that it is ready to transport. These pallet trucks are available with a range of weight capacities and capabilities.

How could short term forklift hire benefit your company?

Logistics professionals often turn to short term forklift hire during busy periods where extra resources would help operations run smoother and quicker. However, it doesn’t always have to be a busy time of year for your company to benefit from short term forklift hire, there is a range of benefits to be enjoyed by companies of all sizes.

Save on capital

Instead of buying a new forklift for your company, hiring a forklift on a short term basis can help save you money that could be put to better use elsewhere. A forklift truck can come with a large price tag, and once that money is tied up you can’t use it anywhere else in your business that may need it later on. If your company is experiencing increased demand, why not try short term hire first? The hired forklift will see you through your busy period, and if the increased demand becomes permanent then you may want to consider buying. However, it is also likely that the period of increased demand will come to an end, and you may want to use the money that you would have spent on buying a forklift for company growth instead.

It helps keep track of costs

Short term hire makes it much easier to know all of your costs, even right at the start of the rental period. Many suppliers of forklifts for hire set a fixed price for specific hire periods, making it easy for you to know exactly how much it will cost you, making your accountant's life much easier. Ensure that you know all costs before confirming your rental, this will prevent receiving a nasty surprise at the end of the hire period when you get the bill.

Try before you buy

If you are considering investing in a forklift for your business, it makes sense that you want to be absolutely sure about making such a big purchase. Short term forklift hire allows you to try out trucks and see how well they integrate into your daily operations, and if specific types of truck are not particularly helpful to your company. You could even hire a few different trucks to really gain a better picture of which forklift truck you should invest in. It is common for companies to use short term hire as a valuable part of the decision-making process.

Why short term hire and not buy?

As mentioned in the previous point, short term hire can often be used as a logical step before making a purchase, allowing you and your team to try out different forklifts and see which models benefit you the most. However, short term hire also comes with some other key benefits over buying.

When you buy a forklift, especially a brand new one, you are being limited to the truck models that are actively in production at your time of buying. This may leave some of the best and most treasured models of forklift trucks off the table. When you hire a forklift, you are given a far wider range of options that are not limited to the trucks that are currently in production. It is typical for a supplier of forklifts to hire to have a wide array of trucks of all different ages. Not only does this allow you to try out some of the older models that are still popular in warehouses and construction sites today, but it also offers a chance to save money. However much you want to spend, or whatever tasks you need a forklift for, there will be the perfect short term forklift hire solution for you.

How far in advance do you have to book?

This is one of the biggest benefits of short term forklift hire, and something that makes the service so convenient. It is usually a common theme amongst rental companies for the period of time between order and delivery to be exceptionally short. Once you make a query, rental companies will usually have a fast response and help place your order as soon as possible so that you can have your forklift up and running in no time. This is ideal for more urgent scenarios where your daily operations might be suffering after a previous forklift was forced out of action. Unlike buying a forklift, there is no long wait while the forklift goes through production.

Is maintenance cover included?

This is usually of great importance to companies that operate in warehouses or construction sites, as these environments can often pose certain risks of accident or breakdowns. For this reason, short term forklift hire companies will usually offer maintenance cover included as a standard with your rental. This will come as great peace of mind for those renting.

What happens once the rental period is over?

You may be wondering what happens once you have decided that you do not need to rent the forklift anymore. This is just another aspect of the utterly convenient service provided by short term forklift hire companies, who are aware that you do not want to have the forklift sitting around, taking up space in your warehouse for any longer than the period that you needed it. For this reason, suppliers make it incredibly easy to send your forklift back and only have to pay for the transport costs. Some suppliers will even allow you to send it back with no prior notice.

Whether you are experiencing increased demand or need to replace a broken-down forklift, short term forklift hire is an incredibly convenient service that will allow you to boost your day-to-day operations seamlessly.

Contact us today to talk about how short term forklift hire could work for you and your business. 

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