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Should I use an electric counterbalance for my project?

When it comes to picking the best forklift for your future project, the primary choice you'll have to make is exactly what kind you need; electric, or engine-powered? Depending on your needs, or the type of project you're working on, one model might fit your needs far better than the other. So when it comes to choosing the right forklift for you, what does the electric counterbalance have going for it that an engine model doesn't?



Lower cost per use

One of the biggest benefits of opting for electric, as with many other machines, is that when it comes to the price of keeping that machine running, you're looking at a far lower cost overall. Whereas a more traditional diesel-powered machine needs to be filled up at a high cost, an electric forklift can simply be recharged from the mains - the battery is part of the price of the machine, so your only cost is your electricity bill at the end of the month.

For intensive use of any forklift, the technology powering it is going to be worn down over time; but whereas a gas or diesel-powered machine will need filling up, and the materials required for that power needs to be stored somewhere, an electric counterbalance can directly be plugged in at the end of the day.

Of course, this is one area in which electric forklifts slightly lose out, unless you have several batteries, your machine can't get any more use out of it until the battery is fully charged and ready to go again, whereas simply filling up a tank gives you just a few minutes of downtime. But if you're careful with your usage and keep track of the drain on your machine, this can easily be mitigated by remembering to put your forklift battery on charge overnight - so it's fresh and ready for the next day.

Lower emissions for inside use

Unlike forklifts run by diesel and gas, an electric counterbalance has none of the emissions problems you'd expect to find in these models, making it perfectly safe for use in close quarters or wholly enclosed environments without worry about pollution or the safety of other workers and employees. This makes using an electric forklift the optimal choice for internal projects that don't require a great deal of outdoor work.

In contact, diesel and gas forklifts can often do far better in open spaces and in areas where a large amount of outdoor travel may be required as part of a project, lowering any health risk from emissions to almost nothing and offering a design that's entirely safe to use outside in many different weather conditions.

For eco-conscious companies, an electric forklift might be the right pick due to these lower emissions, as it's another way you can help to lower the environmental impact on projects and works, especially in environments where other heavy machinery is also used that may not be available in a more eco-friendly format.


Simple to maintain, simple to use

As the most modern evolution of the forklift, the electric counterbalance has all the modern convenience you need from a forklift, making it intuitive to use and easy to run. Because of this more simple system, and no requirement for internal combustion, electric forklifts also have another advantage; a simpler design means it's far easier to maintain, and often less likely to break down as a result.

In contrast, diesel and gas-based forklifts may require more maintenance and even downtime, which can negatively impact your project regarding time and usability. Because of their more 'truck' like build, these forklifts can often be bulkier and more difficult to run - but can also provide the same benefits of a diesel or petrol car over an electric one. They can go further and do more without risk of damage and are overall more robust when appropriately maintained.

It's really all about what your needs are when it comes to your forklift. Do you want a machine that's fast to learn and easy to care for in the short term, or one that meets your needs and may require maintenance over the long term? It's down to each project as to what your exact needs and requirements are, but there's a style of forklift to suit every business - and every project, too.


Hiring a forklift

If you're still unsure whether an electric counterbalance forklift is a right fit for your next project, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you make the right choice for your business. With forklifts of all types available for hire, we have something to match and even exceed your needs and expectations. Contact us today to find out more about our forklift hire services, and what we can do to help your project run smoothly - whether you choose an electric counterbalance, a diesel or petrol engine forklift.

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