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What Doosan electric forklift trucks could do for you


The technology of forklift trucks has been improved significantly in recent years, and none more so than electric forklifts. Doosan electric forklift trucks lead by example, but there are broad advantages to going electric when investing in new forklift trucks.

There are certain settings and uses that are a better fit for the electric forklift, so it's important to understand everything that must be taken into account when choosing forklift types. Larger operations may even require multiple forklift types to handle indoor and outdoor jobs with different space requirements.

Doosan electric forklift trucks, with a growing portfolio of counterbalance machines harnessing state-of-the-art technology, are filling an expanding niche for warehouses and industrial environments. As companies look to move away from the loud, dirty workplaces that people often think of for warehouses and factories, the electric option is gaining momentum. Operators are becoming aware of the substantial advantages in the areas of cost, maintenance and operation. If your business involves clean, dry, indoor environments then Doosan electric forklifts could be a great option for you.

What industries are making the switch to electric forklifts?

Many industrial and warehouse sectors are embracing the arrival of the latest electric forklifts. Here are a few examples in the modern world:

  • The paper industry: paper mills have had to expand their product range to stay in business, meaning they need larger and more powerful machines. High-capacity electric forklifts are fulfilling this need, with various custom attachments to perform a wide range of tasks.
  • The lumber industry: the storage, handling and moving of wood in hectic environments is a constant challenge for the lumber industry. Reducing costs is an important consideration, and the efficiency of electric forklifts is emerging as a popular option.
  • Iron and steel: steelworks, forging plants and manufacturers are challenging sectors for forklift trucks. The economic benefits of electric machines really come into their own, as well as the operational efficiency and reduced environmental footprint. Companies in the iron and steel sectors are embracing electric forklifts en masse as the latest machines demonstrate their power and efficiency.

What are the costs associated with Doosan electric forklift trucks?

When looking at the cost of an investment in a Doosan electric forklift truck, the most important consideration is lifetime costs. This means assessing the hourly operating costs alongside what you pay upfront and comparing those costs to what a diesel or petrol truck would cost you. You will also need to take into account the costs of battery chargers versus fueling stations, though these can be offset in the medium to long term.

In terms of cost, one clear advantage of electric forklift trucks is that you don't need fuel storage space. Electric forklifts charge at a charging station with an electrical outlet, so you won't need to set aside space for petrol or diesel storage. Electric charging stations are also less of a health and safety risk than having on-site storage of liquid fuels.

The other obvious saving that relates to this is that you won't have to purchase fuel. Yes, there will be expenses relating to electricity consumption, but these costs are significantly lower than liquid fuel. Petroleum prices fluctuate extensively, making it hard to budget for the operation of your machines. You will need to consider electricity prices to recharge batteries during off-shift periods, but it will be far easier to budget for this than those unpredictable fuel prices.

Maintenance costs are also lower with electric forklift trucks. This is because an electric motor does not need the same extensive maintenance checks and routines to keep the vehicle working at optimum efficiency. Internal combustion engines require extensive and complex maintenance, particularly with regular use, while the maintenance procedures for electric trucks is simpler and less expensive.

Overall, the cost of ownership is lower with electric forklift trucks. As time goes by, you will see the savings with regards to fuel costs, maintenance and operational expenses. In the long term, you could reap substantial savings that could then be invested in other areas of the business.

What are the operational advantages of electric forklift trucks?

There are many benefits to electric forklift trucks that will be felt all around the workplace. The first, and most obvious, operational benefit is the lack of emissions. The electric motors in these forklifts don't have any toxic byproducts to release into the air. For indoor environments, particularly where ventilation is limited, this is a substantial benefit. Without the fumes coming from an internal combustion engine, your warehouse or factory floor will feel cleaner and safer for workers. This will also remove the headache of compliance with the relevant emission standards.

The other operational benefit that relates to the workplace environment is the low noise output. The electric engine of a Doosan electric forklift truck doesn't make any noise, and it doesn't vibrate to create any unpleasant rumbling noises. The only sound will come from the warning beacon, which is just to warn others when the truck is reversing. A low-noise environment is safer and more comfortable for workers, and it also enables them to hear important sounds that might indicate the need to stop.

Powerful and efficient

Doosan electric forklift trucks have a high load capacity and are very stable. Some trucks are able to support loads as heavy as 15,000 lb and lift them to the highest shelf on the pallet rack. With a low centre of gravity, different types of electric forklift truck can handle a range of load sizes and weight distributions. They also have a small turning radius, enabling the operator to manoeuvre through more compact spaces without knocking racks, walls or other trucks. A smaller turning radius is particularly helpful in warehouse environments, because the racks can be closer together to use the available space more effectively.

Safety is also improved with Doosan electric forklift trucks, thanks to the enhanced rear visibility. With a smaller engine, these electric forklifts have fewer obstructions to the field of vision of the operator. This means they are more likely to see hazards behind them when reversing, improving the overall safety of the work environment. Worker safety is further improved by the simpler operation of electric forklifts. Operators are required to make fewer arm, hand and foot movements to keep processing the repetitive tasks of day-to-day operation, meaning they are less fatigued and more productive.

One great feature that operators of electric forklifts will experience is the automatic braking system. As soon as the foot is raised from the accelerator, the automatic brakes will kick in. This automatic activation reduces wear and tear on the brakes and further reduces fatigue for operators. This braking also helps preserve the charge of the battery for increased efficiency.

Maintenance advantages of electric forklift trucks

With fewer moving parts in an electric motor, there are fewer things that can get damaged and break down. Internal combustion engines are complex and require a large number of components working in perfect harmony. Electric forklift motors don't, and thus the maintenance requirements are lower. When you have a fleet of forklift trucks to care for, this can be a major benefit. Here are some specific maintenance advantages of electric forklifts:

  • Long component lifespans: electric motors guarantee many years of reliable use for every component. There will also be extensive warranties on the critical parts of the engine.
  • Minimal waste fluids: electric engines require no coolant or transmission fluids. The replacement and disposal of these fluids is not simple.
  • Long service intervals: with fewer moving parts, you don't need to service your electric engine as frequently as an internal combustion engine.

So what are the limitations of electric forklifts?

The drawbacks that can be mentioned with electric forklift trucks are relatively minor. With a small amount of planning, you can manage these drawbacks quite easily. The thing most people worry about is that it takes longer to charge an electric battery than to refuel an internal combustion engine. If you plan around shifts, the disruption of this can be kept to a minimum, but it is a valid concern for some businesses.

In certain work environments, you will need to take extra care of an electric forklift to keep it performing at peak efficiency:

  • Industrial batteries must be kept clean and they need to be charged regularly.
  • You should keep additional batteries on-site to eliminate downtime.
  • Changing the battery in a forklift requires specialised battery lifts. Some models will require operators to have additional training to be able to exchange batteries safely.
  • There are certain voltage and amperage requirements for electric forklift charging stations. Older facilities may struggle to meet these requirements, so it will be worth learning what's needed.

It is also worth noting that most electric forklift trucks are not suited to harsh outdoor environments. Excessive water and mud could damage the electric engine and battery, so rugged outdoor work is best handled by a different type of machine.

It is not hard to see why electric forklifts are becoming increasingly present in equipment fleets for many businesses. Doosan electric forklifts are some of the best in the industry, with a range of safety, operational and environmental strengths. As the technology for industrial fuel cells continues to develop, there really is no limit to the potential for making material handling a green industry. As pressure to make more environmentally-friendly choices increases, the replacement of internal combustion engines with electric ones looks inevitable. If you are looking for long-term investments for your forklift fleet, choosing the electric option for indoor material handling is a good choice for the vast majority of businesses.

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